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The NHS Long Term Plan recognises the need to invest in its workforce and Manage Your Mind offers a solution to support and improve professional mental health across both health and social care. Manage Your Mind is an award winning, community-based service for adults affected by Stress, Anxiety and Depression. The programme teaches people practical skills and breathing exercises that are easily integrated into daily life and have been shown to reduce levels of Depression and Anxiety by up to 80% ((p<0.001).

“Manage Your Mind for NHS Professionals in Primary Care has been fully funded by the North Kent Training Hub”

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  • Everyone who completed the 8 week Manage Your Mind Programme said they would recommend the workshop to others and felt they got the help that mattered to them.
  • A participant survey in 2018 revealed that 83% of people who completed the programme did not need to see their GP for a mental health related problem.
  • North Kent Training Hub recognises the importance of supporting the wellbeing and resilience of its colleagues across Primary Care and welcomes the opportunity to support the Manage Your Mind Programme across Medway, Dartford, Gravesham, Swanley and Swale.


“Initiatives such as Manage Your Mind make a big difference in supporting the health of our community and as such, Medway Clinical Commissioning Group is pleased to endorse the workshops. Manage Your Mind has been proven to tackle symptoms of depression and anxiety before they become more severe which is good for both patients and the community in general.”

Accountable Officer at The NHS Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (2017):

“I would totally endorse “Manage your Mind” as a positive intervention to reduce work/life stress and build personal resilience. Having attended this course with a multidisciplinary team of work colleagues it is evident that all participants have benefited significantly and have gained insight into the importance of using the strategies taught for self-care. I would consider this course a must for all busy NHS healthcare workers, who are continually “giving” in their job role, as a way to reset and replenish”

Practice Manager, REACH Healthcare

With expected outcomes to include, reductions in burn out and stress and improved moral, self-esteem and job satisfaction we cannot recommend this programme enough.

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