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MYM for the Community

You are welcome to join us for follow up sessions in the community once you have completed the three day workshop

The FREE Follow-Up Sessions last around 90 minutes and are an opportunity for you to practice together the techniques you have learned from the three day workshop and share your experiences, if you wish.

This is also an opportunity to discuss any challenges you may be facing.

A Certified Instructor will facilitate all sessions and ensure that you are comfortable and confident with practicing the breathing techniques.

All follow up sessions run every alternate Tuesday evening from 7pm – 9pm and take place at The Robert Napier School, Third Avenue, Gillingham. ME7 2LX

Session Schedule

Due to the COVID Pandemic – all face to face sessions have now stopped. Follow up sessions still take place virtually. For more information , please email manage.yourmind@gmail.com


All Follow Up Sessions Take Place At Robert Napier School, Third Avenue, Gillingham. ME7 2LX.

Email Address: manage.yourmind@nhs.net

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