The level of fear and uncertainty we are currently facing is unprecedented – and now that we have no choice but to be at home, we have an opportunity to come together and manage these or any other negative emotions by understanding how to use one of our greatest resources, the breath and all it has to offer.

We are incredibly resilient as human beings – and have an inbuilt ability to heal ourselves, to strengthen ourselves and to effectively manage any crisis we may face. Lets use this time to invest in ourselves, to rest, to re-centre, to re-focus and to re-energise.

Join me, a Medway GP, for an hour every week and lets start this journey of self discovery.

You will learn new skills, breathing techniques, guided meditations and processes that help calm the mind. Studies have shown that when practiced regularly, they help improve sleep, reduce stress, depression and anxiety and improve the quality of life.

Its fun! Innovative and Powerful!

To register for the MYM online sessions:

  • ¬†You must be an NHS Professional
  • You should be over the age of 16 years and agree that you are currently


  • Pregnant
  • Addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Psychotic or suicidal and
  • On any tranquilising or antipsychotic drugs
Please click here to start the registration process

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